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About Us

Justice Journee was founded in 2020 born out of the anguish and hopelessness felt by founder Tiffany Grays after she was forced to litigate her own cases in multiple courts. Realizing the journey to justice is often predicated upon financial means and many often do not have the finances to seek the justice promised to all, Justice Journee was born.

While America has promised all citizens justice is for all, many will never see justice for themselves. Justice Journee seeks to positively affect both the cause and effect of multiple litigation matters through supportive services for those faced with navigating the civil judicial system without the assistance of an attorney. Justice Journee also provides facilities and equipment for participants to engage in the promotion and participation of justice for all, which includes opportunities for participants to engage in collaboration and connection that promotes the success of pro se litigants in court and/or increases minority representation.





Meet Our Team

justice journey ceo tiffany grays

Tiffany Grays

President & CEO

Justice Now Increases Justice Later.

barbara caper justice journee treasurer

Barbara Caper


 True justice only knows rights and wrongs. Nothing else should be a part of that equation.

moncheire banks justice journee secretary

Moncheire Burks


We are proud of Justice.