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Each year, thousands of everyday individuals are forced into representing themselves in court matters, without the help of a licensed attorney. These people are called Pro Se parties. Click below to learn more about Pro Se parties and how you can help.

Is Justice Equal?

Equal access to justice has been a known issue in every judicial district in America. Every day in open courtrooms across America, everyday people are forced to represent themselves in court without an attorney. Even those who are charged with crimes and who cannot afford legal representation. How? If a person does not face jail time, they do not qualify for a public defender.

How We're Different?

Due to demand, organizations that help people by offering free or low-cost legal representation, often do not have the resources to help everyone. These individuals must then decide whether to pursue justice on their own or not to pursue justice at all. Those who pursue justice on their own or without legal representation, are Pro Se.

How We Help?

Before Justice Journee, these Pro Se parties would have to search and may not be able to find support in all areas required to achieve justice. After Justice Journee, these parties can receive needed supportive justice services in one place! Learn more about our services.

How Can You Help?

Justice Journee services are available for anyone to use.
Proceeds from services:
1. Fund membership scholarships for low-income Pro Se parties.
2. Helps to create a community for those pursuing justice on their own.
See below for a list of our services!

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Our Services

Being a Pro Se Party or Member is NOT required to use our services. Simply select the service(s) you need below!

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A Few Words About Justice Journee

Justice Journee is a Colorado 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation formed to increase judicial system access, knowledge, and equity through free or low-cost legal services, including those who are indigent, pro se, and/or minority.

Pro Se Resource Center

Pro Se Resource Center